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Licensed Surveyors

Mosel Surveyors offer more than 70 years of experience providing professional land surveying solutions to a broad range of individual, corporate and government clients across Adelaide and regional South Australia.


Our licensed land surveyors, land subdivision and development specialists, project managers and highly-skilled team members all take pride in delivering diverse range of professional surveying services and land solutions to suit any sized project.


Regardless of whether the project is a boundary dispute with a neighbour, a property subdivision project, a civil construction project, or a major local government undertaking, our innovative team aims to work closely with each client to provide the best possible land solutions for your needs.

What Mosel Surveyors Do

Mosel Surveyors offer a broad range of specialist land surveying services and provide efficient and effective land solutions. Our licensed surveyors have extensive experience with cadastral (boundary) surveying across a range of projects, both large and small.


We can assist with the entire property subdivision process, whether the project is in urban Adelaide or across regional South Australia. We work closely with each client throughout the entire property subdivision process, from the initial planning and consultation stage through to final land parcels for Torrens titled and Strata titled projects.


Licensed Surveyors are University Graduates who complete and maintain additional professional standards in order to obtain an annual endorsement from the South Australian Board of Surveyors to undertake work in the legal area of Cadastral (Boundary) Surveying.


We’re also able to provide professional assistance with civil construction and mining operation surveys, along with providing contour, site and topographical surveys for design and construction.


Our specialist team has also forged strong relationships with a range of local councils and government agencies to ensure your project is streamlined from start to finish.  

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