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Mosel Surveyors: Local Government

Over the years, the team at Mosel Surveyors has forged strong relationships with many local council authorities and government agencies across South Australia. Our objective is to provide well-informed, cost effective and long term land solutions for projects of any size or scope.


Some of the services offered to local councils and government clients include:


Topographic Surveys

Mosel Surveyors can provide detailed topographical and contour surveys to allow for efficient design for a range of projects, including roads, stormwater or infrastructure needs.


Land Surveying

Mosel Surveyors offer more than 50 years’ experience dealing with land division, contour surveys, easement surveys, boundary identification surveys and boundary marking services.


As-Built Surveys

In some cases, creating set-out control and as-built surveys may be required for projects involving roads, stormwater and infrastructure upgrades in existing locations.


Property Ownership Issues

Mosel Surveyors have extensive experience with identifying and resolving property ownership issues, along with providing consultation for land acquisition and public land transactions. Over the years, Mosel Surveyors have undertaken and managed the responsible disposal of land under the Roads (Opening and Closing) Act and dealing with other surveying components relating to government projects.


GIS Database

Mosel Surveyors provide mapping solutions and the most accurate geographic information system (GIS) database for projects such as cemetery or caravan park management.  Access to the GIS database can allow for creation of detailed maps showing exact distance measurements between existing sites, roads and footpaths to allow for expansion or development within the grounds or just tying administrative data to spatial plots.


Professional Consultation

our experienced land surveying team can provide professional consultation and assistance with adherence to EPA guidelines for waste management and land fill sites, as well as working on stock pile and volume calculations.

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