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Property Development

Mosel Surveyors’ experienced team have more than 50 years dealing with a broad range of property development projects in both urban and regional areas. Whether you want to subdivide one allotment into two or into a hundred, we can help.


Small Land Subdivisions

If you want to complete a small land subdivision, we’re able to streamline the entire process for you. From the initial consultation, engineering design and planning application through to final land parcels and Certificates of Title, we can manage your property development project on your behalf.


Large Property Development Projects

Over the years, Mosel Surveyors have worked closely with clients to successfully complete multiple large property development projects. Some of our previous projects include retirement villages, marina developments, shopping centres, and multiple 50+ allotment subdivisions.


If you’re aiming to complete a Master Plan, from initial planning and engineering to civil construction, our Major Projects Team understands every step of the process and will happily manage the entire project on your behalf, if required.


Urban Infill Development

Our team of licensed surveyors has proven experience dealing with urban infill developments. Whether you’re subdividing one block into two separate Torrens titled blocks, or creating new community titles for townhouses, home units or courtyard dwellings, we’re able to provide the experience and service you need.


Regional Property Development

Mosel Surveyors specialise in regional property development projects and understand the intricacies of dealing with surveying needs in regional areas. We have extensive experience dealing with regional projects of all sizes, whether residential, commercial or industrial.


Rural Development

If you’re separating surplus rural housing from farming land or adjusting boundaries for succession planning purposes, we have the experience to assist you with your needs.


Project Management

Mosel Surveyors can provide project management services for any sized property development project.  We’ll work on your behalf when liaising with the appropriate government agencies, land conveyancers, real estate agents, builders and licensed valuers.


If needed, we are also able to take the role as an integral component in your marketing, architectural, planning, engineering, or construction teams.


Our aim is to make the entire process as streamlined and smooth as possible for you.

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