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Just Need Land Problems Solved

Often it is difficult to work out whose services you need to fix or solve a land-related problem. If you're not sure where to begin, perhaps a licensed land surveyor might be able to help provide the solutions you need.

surveying problem

For example:

  • Is the issue related to land or property in urban or regional South Australia?

  • Is the issue related to land measurements, size, location, council controls?

  • Is there a level, drainage, boundary, ownership, infrastructure design/location component?

  • Do you need better measurement/plan/map/aerial images to help understand your problem?

Surveyors are often overlooked with these sorts of land issues, most people think of Planners, Lawyers, Land Brokers, Architects, Engineers, Builders, Council Officers. 


What you may not realise is that Mosel Surveyors work across all of these fields - and more.


Surveyors understand the overall land project. Our experienced surveyors are often involved in the legal, ownership and planning phase of development and subdivision projects, the design phase of residential or civic construction projects, the construction phase and the as-built phase of design and engineering. 

Give us a call - it doesn't hurt to ask!

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