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Land Surveying: Urban & Regional

Mosel Surveyors provide a range of professional land surveying services and land solutions for urban and regional land owners. We specialise in making the process smooth and streamlined for all our surveying services, including:


Land Subdivision

Mosel Surveyors specialise in land subdivision for large or small projects in both urban and regional areas. We strive to make the entire subdivision process as streamlined as possible, taking care of everything on your behalf.  


Planning Applications

We work closely with many local councils and government agencies, so we understand the requirements necessary to draft, prepare, and submit planning applications.  


Boundary Surveys

Our team of licensed surveyors can assist you with any boundary survey requirements. We’re able to help with property boundary realignments, property boundary identification, ownership, identification surveys, pegging boundary corners, and boundary adjustments for succession planning.


Site Surveys

Whether you’re building a home, doing renovations, or upgrading a town storm water system, we can provide tailored contour surveys, topographic surveys, site surveys and detail surveys.



Our team of licensed surveyors can use the results of surveys in order to prepare the necessary plans to determine infrastructure set-out and locations. We can then create easements that establish specific rights of way for infrastructure or other rights, before lodging plans in the Lands Titles Office.


Building Set-Out

If you’re constructing a residential home, a shed, or a commercial or industrial building, you’ll need a building set-out survey created. We’re able to create detailed building set-out surveys and site layouts for any sized construction requirement.


Farm and Property Maps

We use state-of-the-art equipment to map the natural and built environment of any sized property, from residential backyards or large infrastructure projects to rural farming properties and mining sites. Asset mapping identifies the accurate location and geographical features on a property.


Property-Related Queries

Mosel Surveyors have extensive experience in resolving land issues and providing land solutions. If you have a property-related query, we’re happy to help.

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